Product Care

Cleaning your Mahogany Furniture

Fine mahogany furniture should be cleaned and
polished or waxed once a month to protect the wood and to bring out the rich,
dark-red shine. Mahogany has long been favored by woodworkers for its malleable
qualities, warm color and texture. Whether your mahogany furniture is used
indoors or out, a few minutes spent cleaning the wood will help it last for

  1. Keep indoor mahogany furniture clean by dusting as needed, and waxing once a month to keep it shiny and looking new. Use a clean, soft cloth to apply either a quality table wax or furniture polish from a spray can. This will produce a nice shine and will protect the wood.

  2. Scrub outdoor mahogany furniture with a nylon bristle brush dipped into a bucket of soapy water. This will help remove stains and mildew. Allow the furniture to air dry. Do not use steel brushes or steel wool.

  3. Apply a quality furniture wax to all surfaces of the mahogany on your outdoor furniture and rub the wax into the wood.

  4. When the color of the mahogany begins to fade, use wood stain specially formulated for outdoor furniture.

  5. Keep mahogany furniture out of direct sunlight, whether indoors our outdoors, to prevent the wood from fading and cracking. Even indoor wood furniture can fade if exposed to prolonged sunlight through a window every day.

Cleaning and caring for your marble topped furniture:

Marble isn’t as tough as you may think; it’s a comparatively soft stone that is easily scratched and marred. Chances are you paid a lot for it, so keep it clean and take good care of it. To keep your marble looking new follow the advice in the steps below.

  1. Wipe down marble surfaces with a damp rag and buff dry with a chamois for routine weekly cleaning.

  2. Use a neutral, non abrasive cleaner (such as acetone, hydrogen peroxide or clear ammonia) for tough stains.

  3. Apply the cleaner with a cloth and buff dry.

  4. After cleaning, polish marble surfaces using a marble polish containing tin oxide.

  5. Protect marble floors with a stone sealer, and use standard non abrasive floor cleaners to clean them.

  6. Place coasters under glasses and put plastic under cosmetics on marble surfaces. Use rugs to cover marble floors.

  7. Refer scratches of any depth to a professional

How to clean your Mirror:

Mirrors can be frustrating to clean. Many times after cleaning, the mirror will still have streaks, specks, dirt or a fog of cleaning chemicals left on it. There are several different cleaning strategies that can leave a mirror streak-free and looking sparkling until the next cleaning.

  1. Throw out the commercial window cleaner you have under your counter. Most of them are small amounts of vinegar diluted with too much water or harsh chemicals that can leave a fog behind.

  2. Combine one cup of white or distilled vinegar with one quart of warm water.

  3. Find newspaper to use as your cleaning cloth. Crumple the newspaper into usable sizes. Use newspapers that do not use a soy-based ink.

  4. Clean the mirror first to remove any heavy dirt or marks. Use plain water to do the pre-cleaning. Use a cloth with a tight weave, which is more soft and non-abrasive.

  5. Dip the newspaper into the vinegar water solution after pre-cleaning is finished. Rub the newspaper in slow circles across the mirror. Cover the entire surface of the mirror.

  6. Go over the wet areas with a dry portion of newspaper. This will leave the mirror dry and keep drip marks from drying onto the surface.